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We are pleased to introduce our newcomer Hendrik Tol today!

With his many years of experience and expertise, he will support AEon-eSports as a designer. We are already looking forward to a great cooperation!

In the following, Hendrik introduces himself again:

My name is Hendrik Tol and I am originally from the Netherlands. At AEon-eSports I work as a designer to actively support the association.

When I was 11, I had my first experience as a designer because I wanted to be part of a group of influencers within the gaming community. After graduating from high school, I attended university for a while, where I studied both IT and Communication & Multimedia Design. During this time, however, I quickly noticed that the system with which universities work contradicted my personality. Working on practical examples fills me with more than stupid memorization of theory. Therefore, during my studies, I was already looking for other ways to gain practical experience and thus expand my skills. So I started working as a junior developer. When I was offered the opportunity of a full-time job in Germany, I took this unique opportunity.

Today I try to pool all my previous experiences in order to apply them effectively in branding and design.