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There was a big surprise at the State Cup qualifier!


On Saturday, 27 teams gathered to take part in the State Cup Qualifier, which will be played in Best of Three mode. Five teams would be given the opportunity to take a starting place in the first edition of the new system the following day.

AEon's first match was against GodFox Esports. Unfortunately, the opposing team was not able to compete, which is why AEon was given a "DefWin". In the next round, the team "VISUALIZE Main" was designated as our opponent. The first match started at approx. 4 p.m. on the "Mirage" map. At the beginning it was difficult for AEon to find its way into the game, so AEon had to give 8 rounds to "VISUALIZE" first on the T Side.  As the match progressed, however, AEon showed his skills and won 9 laps on the CT Side in no time. Eventually, AEon won the first sequence. Alexandros 'Cain' Haxhi proved himself with an outstanding performance and finished the first map with an outstanding 36 kills.   

"Dust2" was chosen as the second map and AEon started this time on the CT side. Here the team was able to get 8 rounds and lost only 7. But on the T Side, AEon dominated with 8 laps and won with a final score of 16:10. AEon-eSports thus put the first day behind it with a great performance, which should continue the next day.

The following day, the players arrived at the Teamspeak just before 2 p.m., as the next round of the tournament against the team "Pixel Masters" was imminent. In the following spell phase, the teams chose the maps "Inferno", "Nuke" and "Dust2", which brought luck to AEon the previous day. On "Inferno" AEon-eSports dominated the match from start to finish and finally won with a score of 16:8.

On "Nuke" AEon was able to prevail at the beginning. The score was 9:6. On the T Side, AEon extended his lead to 11-6. However, the opposing team "Pixel Masters" found its way back into the game and was able to catch up with 4 rounds in a row with one stroke. Later, "Pixel Master" lost only one lap to AEon and finally won the map with a score of 16:12.

Also on the map "Dust2" AEon-eSports beat itself at the beginning and took the lead with 14:7. With two more victories of the individual rounds, the slot in the State Cup would have been secured for AEon. But "Pixel Masters" didn't give up and tried everything to make up for AEon's lead. With a constant back and forth, both teams fought fiercely for the victory.

Now AEon only needed one more victory to win the entire tournament round and secure the place in the State Cup. But our opponent "Pixel Masters" had still not given up and continued to fight with full vigour. The unwaveringness and fighting spirit of the Pixel Masters team paid off. "Pixel Masters" and AEon fought a tough duel for the victory.  In the meantime it was 15:15 and the match had to go into overtime. The tension between the two teams was palpable for all viewers in the Twitch stream. The first overtime was a proverbial back and forth! No team could really prevail. First "Pixel Masters" won three rounds in a row, only to then lose several rounds against AEon until it finally reached a score of 18:18. AEon then scored a cleansweap and built up a three-lap lead. Again, AEon was only one lap away from the overall victory.

Will this round bring the decision or will another overtime follow? All viewers, as well as the management of AEon-eSports, watched the stream with interest and were looking forward to the climax of the match. And then it finally happened. With an incredible performance by Alexandros 'Cain' Haxhi, Christian 'christiaN' Carell, Patrick 'trX' Lopata, Yannick 'Figz' Fischer and Christoph 'Fav' Schufer, AEon-eSports prevailed in the last round after a long fight and triumphed against "Pixel Masters".

Team AEon qualified for the State Cup, which will be held online on may 2 and 3.

The entire management of AEon-eSports is proud of you!