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AEon-eSports at Red Bull pLANet one 2019


From the 8th up to 10. The biggest eSports event in Austria, the Red Bull pLANet one, took place again in Vienna on November 1, 2019. Of course we were there again and want to share our impressions. Our expectations for the event were very high as every year and especially the new tournament mode far exceeded these expectations. With the “Red Bull pLANet one RoundUp” the organizers have established a mode that really convinced us from the first minute.

While games such as Hearthstone, DOTA Underlords, Rocket League, FIFA20, CS:GO, TFT, PUBG and League of Legends alternated constantly, new rounds started every hour with ever new prizes as winnings. Players and spectators were constantly involved and boredom had no chance, and the constant variety brought a lot of fun to the LAN.




AEon on the LAN

Already on 07.11.2019, i.e. one day before the official start of the tournament, we set off with two Rocket League teams in their luggage on their way to Vienna. The two teams had different lengths of driving. While the team “AEon Legends” had to take a long way by arriving from Germany, “AEon All-Stars” had it comparatively easy. The teams consisted of three members each. Cleany35, Cokaaa and Yeezy competed for “AEon Legends”. Andrew X, E.N.D and Devos fought for “AEon All-Star”.

Both teams did their best at all times and were able to bring home a great result. In the first round, AEon Legends defeated their opponent SV Ried eSports 3-0. For AEon All-Stars, however, things didn’t go so well at the beginning. They lost by a lot of bad luck against Tickling Tentacles at 0-3. But that did not change their resolve. In the following matches, they defeated their opponents. They beat Internorm Alpakas 3-0, Mindful Madness 3-1 and Tentelian eSports 3-0. In the last round came the opportunity for a revenge against Tickling Tentacles. Everyone showed tremendous fighting spirit and wanted to show their skills. After a long fight, the decision was made in favor of Tickling Tentacles and AEon All-Stars won the 5th place. Place.

For AEon Legends, however, things went better. After the victory in the first round followed further victories against Engines Stuttgart with 3-0 and against Tickling Tentacles with 3-1. In the last match against VS plan-B esports it was only enough for a very close 2-3. Thus AEon Legends secured the 3rd place.

More pictures you can find: Here!


The check-in was very fast and fluid this time. There were no long waiting times and the organization was tight and efficient. As in the previous year, the location was simply excellent. Added to this was the atmosphere of the players and the enthusiasm of the spectators, who make the event one of the most beautiful memories of the year. The supply in the premium sector by RedBull and McDeliver is also positively noteworthy. The premium area was top anyway.

However, as mentioned at the beginning, the absolute highlight was the new “Red Bull pLANet one RoundUp” system. As a further development of the 36h league from last year, the new RoundUp continued this with many improvements. The system must be part of the Red Bull pLANet one again next year.


What should definitely be taken into account next year are markings that make it easier to get there. It was very difficult to find the terrain, especially for non-Viennese. In the same way, one could think of labels and signposts for the sanitary facilities in the building. Due to the size of the location, the many people and the somewhat darker surroundings, it was often awkward to find the way to them.

There are also a number of things that could be improved in terms of organisation. For example, the schedule for the RoundUp was very tight. Furthermore, there was a lack of information on the responsibilities of the organisers. If you have any questions, you had to search for the right contact person for a relatively long time. On Discord, it would also have been more practical to publish the information collected instead of posting it several times and in different channels, which had often led to confusion and confusion.

What should definitely be improved is the offer of food. The food truck provided good food, but we would have liked more choice. A dining area with pleasant exposure could also be considered for next year’s event.